The General

Old Time Lord soldier looking for his way home.


Concept: Old Time Lord soldier looking for his way home.
Clock: Judge

The Time Machine
Ancient TARDIS
How is it operated? Vibrational tuning to specific spatiotemporal frequencies.
What’s unique about it? It’s feral and ill-tempered.

What do they call you? They call me the Pitiless Wind. They call me the Saint of Heroes. They call me irrelevant.

What do you do? I fix problems. I make hard calls. I find the way to victory.

Why do you stand out? I wear “Time Lord” like a cloak of authority. Also, sometimes I forget how younger races are supposed to act.

Why can’t you go home? I can’t find it, and I don’t know why. Gallifrey used to be on everyone’s lips, and my fellows don’t answer my calls.

What have you picked up on your travels? An armory of weapons too terrible to ever use, and a mind full of memories I’d rather not unearth.

Why do you travel with companions? What is a Lord without anyone to witness, or follow, or remind me of the stakes? I need reminders that winning isn’t everything.

Why are you dangerous to your companions? The price of victory is often paid by the loyal and the brave. Everything is a tool.

Why do you interfere? Conviction.

+Everything Is A Tool (emphasis: practical/technical solutions, opportunism)
+Survivor Of Countless Battles (emphasis: combat, memory, trauma)
-Anything You Can Do (emphasis: mimicry, learning by observation, One Weird Trick)
-Time Lord Superiority (emphasis: arrogance, temporal knowledge, alien physiology)


The General

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